Geoff Davies “Moments” Exhibition

Geoff Davies was thought of as our greatest classical photographer.  Most of his work was black and white developed in the darkroom, long before digital was thought of.  Whilst he tried many genres, his favourite style, without doubt, was street photography, where he would wait ages for “the moment” and then capture it brilliantly.  Geoff was approached to put on an exhibition of his work in Bolton, which was well attended and very popular with photographers who knew him and the general public as well.

Very sadly, Geoff passed away later that year.

A huge crowd gathered in the Neo-Gallery in Bolton market hall on Saturday 18th January 2014 at 2pm to attend the official opening of Geoff Davies’ exhibition of photographs. The opening was performed by photographer Denis Thorpe who has known Geoff’s photography for many years.

The photographs, spanning a timescale of over 50 years, cover many subjects from street photography to landscapes. Especially poignant are photographs of street life in Bolton between 1960 and 1980 and you could hear visitors dicussing their memories of events and places.

Football fans enjoyed seeing images of life on the terraces at Burnden Park. Hikers identified with the dramatic images of wild places such as Pen-y-Ghent. A large number of photographers were there to admire Geoff’s work and also many shoppers in the market hall were enticed to enter and view. This event was a real success judging from entries in the comments book and thanks must go to all who have been involved in putting on the exhibition. Wine and snacks were even provided to celebrate the occasion.

The exhibition ran until 9th Feb 2014

Watch video interview with Geoff about his work


Record Numbers Turn Out for Geoff’s Exhibition

The Director of the NEO Artists, Jason Simpson, is delighted and somewhat taken aback by the success of Geoff’s recent exhibition. Numbers visiting the gallery have been well above average but it’s not just the numbers of visitors that have caused a stir but their response to the images on show, which have been amazing. Many have returned several times over, often bringing others with them to see for themselves the marvellous pitcures. Quite a few of the visitors have had some association with Geoff at some time in the past. Old work friends, fellow cyclists, past neighbours and others have come to the desk to send messages to Geoff, or simply to talk about the pictures. Many have told their own tales of the places depicted, some claiming to know the characters in them. Amongst the visitors there were some characters too. An artist of some repute, Bob Green and a London playwright, Melville Lovatt, managed to arrange a private viewing one day when the gallery was officially shut. Both were astounded with the show. A photographer from the Bolton News left some really fine comments in the visitors book as did many who felt moved to record their appreciation of Geoff’s work.

Geoff and Betty have both been delighted with the response to the exhibition. Although he has exhibited before this was the first time he has done so in his own home town and he has been overcome with the result.

Thanks for the work of so many who made it all such a success are now due. First Chris Carter must be recognised for his organisation of the whole event. Having had the original idea he worked hard to ensure it all came off so well. Helen Burrows and her partner George put the images together and Keith Brooks was one of those who put them up in the gallery. The members of Bolton Digital Photographic Society who manned the exhibition were unstinting in the giving of their time, as were several members of the NeoArtists group. So it’s a big thanks to all, and to Geoff, Well done !

Russ Walters